2021-2022 VEP Abstracts

2021-2022 AAP Virtual* Education Program (VEP) Series
*This will be a live (not pre-recorded) virtual session, conducted via the Zoom application.  All presenters will be expected to be able to use the Zoom application and have a functional webcam and audio setup. AAP is not able to provide technical or program support for these hardware or software requirements. AAP will create and distribute a Zoom meeting link for the session; presenters who prefer to use their own Zoom accounts may create the scheduled session and provide the link to AAP, which will be distributed to scheduled attendees. Sessions will not be recorded, but presenters may be asked to make slides or other enduring materials available to attendees.    

The Virtual Education Program Planning Committee is seeking abstract submissions for seven (7) individual monthly educational sessions related to the chosen program theme.

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021, 11:59pm, PST

The hallmark of an effective workshop is interaction, and this is even more essential in a virtual setting. Workshop participants must have enough time to practice the knowledge, skills, and attitudes discussed, and to receive appropriate feedback (e.g., in small/breakout groups). Core workshop categories include:

  • Teaching/Education
  • Technology
  • Leadership/Administrative Development
  • Career Development (early, mid, and late)
  • Curriculum Development
  • Competencies (including Cultural Competency and Lifelong Learning)
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Wellness

Program Theme: Lumos, Reducto, Reparo: Transfiguring Psychiatric Education in a Post-Pandemic World

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter (spoiler alert!) He Who Shall Not Be Named spread chaos and destruction. While the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters were vanquished, Hogwarts was turned into rubble. In our muggle world, COVID-19 has significantly affected all aspects of our lives. As we recalibrate from the pandemic, academic psychiatry will undoubtedly incur permanent changes. Telepsychiatry, virtual interviews, and online learning are here to stay. Like the phoenix Fawkes, academic psychiatry is rising from the ashes as we channel our growth mindset, refusing to return to the past. As such, we will continue collaborating with each other, promoting scholarship, and educating our colleagues, trainees, and patients in this post-pandemic environment.  

We invite you to submit workshops that are 60 minutes of interactive educational content. Please plan for up to an additional 30 minutes of Q & A.

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Workshop Abstract Submission

Learning Objectives

NOTE: There is a 250-word limitation when entering abstract text.  The system will not allow you to enter any more than that.  The review process is blinded, so be sure to remove all institutional and/or presenter references from your abstract submission.  If there are identifying institutional/presenter references, they will be removed by AAP staff prior to review. 

Disclaimer: The author(s) acknowledge(s) that the submitted abstract information (including any future revisions) and any related supporting materials (hard copy or electronic) are the original works of the author(s) and the appropriate citations, notations and acknowledgements regarding copyright, licensure, etc. are the responsibility of the author(s). The Association for Academic Psychiatry (AAP) acknowledges no ownership of submitted materials. The distribution of these materials is for educational purposes only.

Please enter abstract text here (250 word maximum)*

Based on the desired results (best practice), list what participants will be able to do after participating in your session. All learning objectives should articulate changing knowledge, competence, performance, skills, and/or attitude. (E.g., Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to (1)..., (2)..., and (3). For help with writing learning objectives, click here.)

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

List the specific and detailed teaching methodologies you will use during the session and the time allotment for each. (For example: "In this 60-minute session, I will use 10 minutes of lecture, 20 minutes of breakout and small group interactive discussion, and 30 minutes of large group interaction". It is imperative that you use interactive teaching methods if your session contains a significant proportion (i.e., >20%) of lecture-based teaching, it will likely not be accepted. 

Please review your educational materials to ensure they are free of stereotypes, overgeneralizations, or biases. For example, make sure you are including diverse people/social/cultural examples using inclusive language and avoiding stereotypes. 

Please identify the core category that your session best represents. We acknowledge sessions may fit many categories. The designation will greatly facilitate the process of creating a balanced educational program.

Leadership/Administrative Development
Career Development (early, mid, late)
Curriculum Development
Competencies (including Cultural Competency and Lifelong Learning)
Diversity and Inclusivity

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Presenters/Authors for this Abstract

The designated person is someone who will be contacted by the AAP Executive Office with any questions regarding this abstract. There must be only ONE designated presenter/author per abstract.

Ex: Resident, Lecturer, Director, Chair, etc.

Ex: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, etc.

Please note, this will not in any way impact the review/acceptance process.

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